Horny Ghetto Hood Whore Belle Gaggers Deepthroat Gag Abuse Puking On White Cocks Video

Belle shows up at the Ghetto Gaggers for her first porn shoot and man does she go in at the deep end. Deep throat is her speciality and she seems to love and enjoy it and the cock porridge she laps it up like a pussycat. Belle is not used to puking so much whilst being throat fucked deeply but she can certainly swallow the cocks being rammed into her gullet. Belle also swallows the white boys ball butter then licks her lips and says yummy. Let us hope she will return as Belle and the ghettogaggers seem to just gel. Watch the video here.

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Horny Ghetto Slut Astaris Borne Throat Fucking Gaggers Extreme Puking With Dick Video

Astaris Borne is a big sloppy wench. She came in thinking that porn is easy money and that today would be a piece of cake (something she’s obviously used to). Instead she emptied her stomach all over our floor and in the dog bowl like an obedient bitch. She took the cock down her throat perfectly. I honestly can’t dis her for that. She also opened up that wet cunt for the boys to have a field day with. Things took a weird turn when I discovered there may have been some foul play with her uncles when she was younger though. She clammed up and mentally shut down… making it awkward. But that’s a good thing right?
Ghetto Gaggers

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Black Ghetto Hood Slut Moesha Deep Throat Gag Gaggers Extreme Puke Gag Video

Moesha comes back for more abuse at the Ghetto Gaggers throat fucking cock gagging bukkake facials emporium and this time needs to up the ante in the shit she is willing to do stakes or what is the point of a return? So with this in mind prepare for a fucking mega update to her porn CV. In this episode she does some new and ultra hardcore shit she never expected to do for her fee. DP is the name of the game in this video and does she squeal like a fucked pig two cocks fucking her ass and pussy at the same time was too much to bear for this hoe and she screams the fucking place down. The ass fucking and all the usual stuff we have come to expect the slapping spitting and of course the final multiple cock bukkake facials makes this video one to download and keep. Check this screaming black bitches video here.

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Skank Ghetto Hood Whore Ricki Rockit Face Fuck Gaggers Hardcore Vomit Cumshot Facial Video Download

Ricki Rockit is a fuckin’ boss. The chick has no limits and that’s what we love here. This chick was down for anything and trust me… when you give Jimmy a green light like that you know something fucked up is going to happen. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but trust me… some of you may end up barfing more than these whores do. Let’s just say it like this… aspiring Ghetto Gaggers whores should watch this video and learn from it. This whore just fucking rocked.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Skank Ghetto Hood Whore Kailie Lee Gaggers Extreme Face Fuck Abuse Puke Gag Video

Kailie Lee is cute for a street walking skank whore and is willing to do anything for the cash she receives at the Ghetto Gaggers face fucking frenzy shop. Watch Kailie Lee take the cocks up her shitpipe down her throat up double fuck her pussy. All the usual shit too like the puking over the cocks fucking her throat the slapping spitting in her face and not to forget the face finale with the bitch sitting there as they blow their nutloads of cock butter all in her face. Watching the cum dripping down this cute black bitches face is most excellent. See Kailie Lee at the ghettogaggers here.

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Ebony Ghetto Slut Caramel Dime Gaggers Extreme Face Fuck Abuse Spew On White Dick Free Video

Ghetto Gaggers
Whoa… Jimmy rarely praises the whores but this cock pig absolutely fucking deserves it. Caramel Dime is a petite black chick with big fake tits. She’s not hood at all. In fact she sounds like one of those valley girl retards. She absolutely loves white cock too. What makes her special is that nothing is off limits to her. Anal ass to mouth gagging drinking up your own slobber… you name it we did it. There are things in this video that will make your stomach churn or nuts explode depending on just how depraved you are. Personally I love this stuff! Watching a bitch submit to whatever I can dream up is a fantasy few will know in their lives. Brace yourself for this one… it’s a doozy!
Ghetto Gaggers

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Skank Ghetto Hood Whore Gorgeous Gaggers Deep Throat Extreme Puking On White Cocks Free Movie

Ghetto Gaggers
Gorgeous… can you fucking believe this pig had the audacity to name herself that? Ok she’s mildly attractive… but “gorgeous”. Sorry no. Here’s the good news. This cock socket is a 3 ring circus show meaning that every hole is open for business. First her deep throat skills were put to the test. Pauly shoved every inch of cock meat down her throat until only his balls were showing. Next her pussy and ass hole were split wide open. Watching her take a fat hard white cock in her ass was a sight! In fact you guys are witness to first time event here. Pauly was the first white dude to ever penetrate any of her holes…. ANY!!! After this treatment I’m not sure if white guys are off the table but who cares what she does next?
Ghetto Gaggers

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Black Ghetto Slut Hazel Deep Throat Gaggers Extreme Spewed Over Cocks Vid

Ghetto Gaggers
I wish I had good news for you guys but this scene was over before it even started. Hazel is a first timer, stripper, civilian type just doing what she needs to do to put her ass through nursing school. She said she’ll do anything for money… but I guess “Ghetto Gaggers” isn’t part of the master plan. She literally lasted about 3 minutes before she said “Fuck This Shit” and split. It’s a shame because she’s a piece of ass.
Ghetto Gaggers

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Horny Ghetto Whore Jezabelle Deep Throat Gaggers Abuse Vomiting Over Cocks Video Download

Black Ghetto Hood Whore Madission Face Fuck Gaggers Hardcore Choke Gagging Blowjob Video Download

Ghetto Gaggers
It’s not a typo. This is how this idiot spells her hood name. Anyway, Madission is a happy go lucky hooker that stepped out of her comfort zone today to get the treatment Ghetto Gaggers style. She’s unfamiliar with being disrespected like this, but anything for a buck, right? Watch as she takes two white cocks down her throat hard and fast… barfing up the belly butter all over herself. Once the throating lesson was over, it was game on in her ass and pussy (at the same time). Having never done a DP before, we were surprised how well she took it. These dudes are packing some thick white meat and she rocked it. After they both nutted on her face, Pauly spoon fed her the cum. That’s when she clammed up. She obviously doesn’t enjoy the taste of jizz… but what the fuck do we care?
Ghetto Gaggers

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